About Us

Welcome to Vape Smoke Rings. We are an American based company located in Merritt Island, Florida at 777 East Merritt Island Causeway. On our site you will be able to find Electronic cigarettes and accessories to assist you if you desire to find an alternative to traditional cigarettes (stinkys), cut back and save money, or just experience a whole new lifestyle of Vaping.  Our staff is an e-mail away for any customer support or during normal business hours, feel free to call us at (321) 633-4898. We will respond to all questions and orders the same day.  We realize you have hundreds of websites to choose from.  We are one of many.  Therefore, so we may 'eat at the table' of the World Wide Web, we will strive to be the most efficient, up to date, product reliable company you can count on.  We want you to tell your friends about us.  Watch for our links and videos for the beginner who would actually like to learn how to blow smoke rings as well.

Please call to an order